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I am always intrigued by how sales permeates every aspect of business, no matter what field or industry.  My wife, for example, is an attorney.  She has a successful practice, combining a good mix of ongoing smaller, general cases with a few larger ones each year.  Almost all of her clients are referrals.  And how does my wife approach the business of getting referrals?  She takes people out to lunch.  At least once a week, she makes it a point to go out to lunch, whether it's with a colleague, friend, former co-worker or even opposing counsel.  At these lunches, without being pushy, she lets it be known what kind of law she practices and that she welcomes referrals.  And that works for her.

But what about you?  You're probably not looking for just a few bigger sales each year- you're probably looking for many clients, all year long.  So, while going out to lunch can't hurt (it's social, and everyone has to eat), if you want to build up a sustainable client-base, odds are you need additional resources.

At Obbee, what we do is essentially take thousands of people to lunch each day.  Not literally, of course, but we do the referral networking for you- We draw people into an internet-based conversation through various web-based sites and tools, garnering the specific information that connects folks in need to realtors, debt counselors and insurance, mortgage and modification salespersons.  Then we put you together- and that works for you!

So if you don't want to give up brown-bagging it to the office, think of us as picking up the lunch tab for you while we send you new clients!

- Dave