Massachusetts Relocation Buyers - The Importance of Home Previews

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Massachusetts Relocation Buyers - The Importance of Home Previews

If you are relocating to Massachusetts it is crucial to have a buyer broker working for you to scout out and preview homes in your chosen area.  

While working for Massachusetts relocation buyers this week, I shot these photos to shine a light on some of the details which are not evident from the MLS.  

You may say, "There are already photos of the home in the MLS."  This, of course, is true, however since the job of the listing broker is to paint the most flattering portrait of a property for sale, those photos are going to be carefully staged and shown in the best possible light. 

From my end, the goal is to reveal everything - positives and negatives about the home to help clients make wise purchase decisions and also to prevent them from wasting precious time when they schedule their home viewing trips.  

Massachusetts home buying Claudette Millette

Rust in the Bathroom

Massachusetts home buying Claudette Millette

A Kitchen Floor That Needs Refinishing

Massachusetts home buying Claudette Millette

Poor Housekeeping

Massachusetts home buying Claudette Millette

Unmatched Carpeting

Massachusetts home buying Claudette Millette

A Major Highway Right off of the Back Yard

Getting up close and personal really cuts to the heart of the matter and saves everyone a lot of time and trouble.   

Honestly, some of this is clutter, some is damage and some would simply require redecorating - however, the highway cannot be moved.

Whatever the issue - When working with Massachusetts relocation buyers I like to give you the full picture and let you decide exactly how to spend your valuable house hunting time.

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Christine Donovan
Donovan Blatt Realty - Costa Mesa, CA
Broker/Attorney 714-319-9751 DRE01267479 - Costa M

This is a good service to your relo clients who have limited time while visiting and trying to make a decision.

Jan 25, 2010 03:23 PM
BethAnn Long
RE/MAX Inland Empire - Spokane, WA
Realtor, CRS, e-PRO, Spokane Wa Real Estate

So true!

Even local buyers can be shocked at some homes... asking are you SURE this is the house we saw online?

Jan 25, 2010 03:38 PM
Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED
RETIRED / State License is Inactive - Portland, OR

I call it 'job security' -- all buyers need to see the place.

Jan 25, 2010 04:21 PM
Todd & Devona Garrigus
Garrigus Real Estate - Beaumont, CA
Broker / REALTORS®

We work with relocating clients as well, and they need to be informed even from across state lines! Great post.

Jan 25, 2010 04:24 PM
Loreena and Michael Yeo
3:16 team REALTY ~ Locally-owned Prosper TX Real Estate Co. - Prosper, TX
Real Estate Agents

Hence, it's so important to select the right agent who would go all the way to preview, preview, preview.

Jan 25, 2010 09:14 PM
Elliott S. Topkins
Topkins & - Boston, MA
Massachusetts Real Estate and Title Atty

Good miorning Claudette--

This type of thorough approach is really what a Buyer's agent can, and should,provide. I do a lot of relocation work, too, and after getting my clients through the "sticker shock" of Massachsetts, I tell the relocating person that a Buyer's agent with integrity is really what they need EVERY time. I am glad to know that you and i  see "eye-to-eye" on this, and i will certainly be giving your name out every chance I get.



Jan 25, 2010 09:36 PM
Coleen DeGroff
Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors - Gainesville, FL
Haile Plantation Real Estate - Gainesville FL

Claudette - The importance of working with a buyer's agent cannot be overstated, especially when the client lives out of town.  Great post.

Jan 25, 2010 10:17 PM
Claudette Millette
The Buyers' Counsel - Ashland, MA
Buyer, Broker - Metrowest Mass


Pointing out certain flaws does save the buyers a lot of time, particularly when they are things that they know they just do not want to live with. 


The listing photos are intended to market the property - my photos zoom in on potential problems.


Thanks for the essay title - I like it!


There is no way you could actually "miss" the highway - It is roaring past the back yard.


It really helps buyers to sort out which properties they want to spend time on and which ones will be a complete waste of their time.


I am glad you agree.


Relocation buyers find it very helpful.


Buyers' time is limited and very expensive when they are traveling to the area specifically to look at available homes.


You cannot trust what you see online. It is always shown in the best light possible.


You understand perfectly.  That's what we do.


It is important to preview homes and take photos (also videos) for buyers who are across state lines.


Relocation buyers definitely need to select an agent who will go the extra mile for them, who knows the area they are looking in and who is willing to put in the necessary amount of time to preview all homes ahead of time.


I am glad to hear that you give out that advice. Yes we do see "eye-to-eye" on this. And, thank you for giving my name out.  It is much appreciated.


I agree with that.  Thanks so much.



Jan 25, 2010 11:20 PM
Kathryn Acciari
Century 21 Real Estate - Shrewsbury, MA
Brand Ambassador and Business Coach

The listing is like a resume - meant to get your foot in the door.  But you need a live interview to know exactly what the job is about.  Great post!  (You have a spam - #12)

Jan 25, 2010 11:21 PM
Dan and Amy Schuman
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services - Solon, OH
Luxury Home Specialists

Claudette, it is critical to preview homes for buyers relocating to your area ( and local buyers for that matter ) as they usually have limited time and want to use it wisely. I think it's great that you preview for them as this is a very valuable service that saves time, which I'm sure your buyers appreciate.

Jan 25, 2010 11:46 PM
Claudette Millette
The Buyers' Counsel - Ashland, MA
Buyer, Broker - Metrowest Mass

Hi, Kathryn:

That is so true. The listing is like "Cliff Notes" on the real thing. 

Thanks for the heads up on the Spam.

Dan & Amy:

I do also preview for local buyers but many of them like to do their own drive-bys and then they want to get into what they have seen.  But, I absolutely preview for local buyers who desire it.


When someone is coming to the area for a day or so to look at homes I consider their time to be not only valuable but "expensive."  So, it is best to use it wisely.

I also use video for previewing and relocating buyers really appreciate that.  It shows much more than a still photo.


Jan 26, 2010 02:47 AM
Kristi DeFazio
RE/MAX Advantage - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs Rea lEstate 719-459-5468

Great post. I always preview for my out of town buyers and send notes just like you have here on each property!

Jan 26, 2010 05:45 AM
Christianne O'Malley
Dickson Realty - Reno, NV
Exceptional Service - Delivering Results in Reno!

Claudette - You do an excellent job of showing what a property really has to offer and your advance previewing adds value to the transaction, without a doubt. Excellent job! I will ask you this, what does poor housekeeping have to do with the property? Does that mean the sellers didn't care for the property? Do you ever wonder whether what you are inferring (like rust on the hot water baseboard heating) oversteps into an inspection capacity? I'm curious to see what you think. Thanks and congratulations on the feature!

Jan 26, 2010 08:16 AM
Claudette Millette
The Buyers' Counsel - Ashland, MA
Buyer, Broker - Metrowest Mass


Great.  I am sure that is greatly appreciated by your relocation buyers.


Good questions!  In my experience, I have had clients who when they step into a home that is (filthy) they can look no further.  I have seen some people just walk out of a messy home even if I think the place has some potential. If this is their natural inclination, I want them to see exactly what they will be seeing ahead of time.  Also, I feel that the way a home is kept is an indication of how well-maintained it probably is.

With regard to the rust on the baseboard, I am giving them a detailed up close and personal account of the property. They are not going to see rust on the baseboard in the MLS photos. Does it mean that it won't pass an inspection?  Of course not.  It's just more information for them to have ahead of time.  If I were in their shoes I would want details before I scheduled my trip.

Thanks for your great questions.



Jan 26, 2010 11:20 AM
Patricia Aulson
Realtor - Portsmouth NH Homes-Hampton NH Homes

A good Realtor would preview homes first for the buyer and save them time and effort.

Patricia/Seacoast NH

Jan 26, 2010 11:37 AM
Cheryl Ritchie
RE/MAX Leading Edge - Huntingtown, MD
Southern Maryland 301-980-7566

I think the Buyer has to decide for themselves. I do not like decisions made for me so I can relate to this. A home might be eliminated that they would choose not to delete.

Jan 26, 2010 11:53 AM
Claudette Millette
The Buyers' Counsel - Ashland, MA
Buyer, Broker - Metrowest Mass

Hi, Patricia:

I think most buyers find this service to be extremely helpful, particularly relocation buyers.


I do not make the decision for them.  I just take a lot of photos, videos and give them a report on what I have seen. Often, they still want to see the properties. As a matter of fact, I am showing the one with the rust to my relocation client this Friday.



Jan 26, 2010 12:07 PM
Jennifer Fivelsdal
JFIVE Home Realty LLC | 845-758-6842|162 Deer Run Rd Red Hook NY 12571 - Rhinebeck, NY
Mid Hudson Valley real estate connection

Claudette I will do the preview and pickup the stuff not reflected on the MLS I will then prepare a virtual and send to the client.

Nice post.

Jan 27, 2010 11:41 AM
Christianne O'Malley
Dickson Realty - Reno, NV
Exceptional Service - Delivering Results in Reno!

Claudette - I'm sorry I'm remiss in getting back to you - last week was crazy. Thanks for having such a great, constructive discussion with me about both sides of this coin. It goes to show what a true professional you are. *applause*

Feb 01, 2010 02:23 AM
Claudette Millette
The Buyers' Counsel - Ashland, MA
Buyer, Broker - Metrowest Mass


No problem. Thanks again for comments and discussion on this topic. It is greatly appreciated.



Feb 01, 2010 02:29 AM