Bryan Fagan Discuses The Top 5 Faux Pas Sellers in Kingwood Texas Make in Regards to Ambiance.

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A sale will often depend upon the way it looks. Buying a home is often an emotional decision. Aesthetics have a powerful ability to affect emotions. This article covers a few of the biggest errors in terms of appearance that sellers in the Kingwood Texas Use this so you can avoid making these mistakes and get a higher price when you sell your house.

Mistake #1 - Poor Lighting

Lighting is crucial when showing your house to a buyer. A house that has a lot of natural light and is bright seems welcoming. A dark house seems dark and gloomy.

Make sure the windows are open and the curtains are pulled back. Adding some extra lighting to a house will help if it has poor natural light.

The subtle taste of how your house smells has a big impact on the buyer.

Mistake #2 - Lack of Attention to Scent Although it's pleasant to subtly lend fragrance to the home, at all costs avoid strong overpowering smells.

No buyer will want to have to deal with any type of bad smells that exist in your house when they tour it. Before showing the house,it could go a long way to use some soft air fresheners.

It is also important to remember to pay attention to your home's exterior as well as its interior. The outside, including the paint-job as well as the lawn, has a big role in the homebuyer's decision to make the purchase.

The exterior gives the buyer a first impression of the house.

Mistake #4 - Strange Colors

Perhaps you have a teenager who's painted his walls orange. Pink may be your forte and it may look good with the paintings you own. However, for the buyer the colors may or may not suit them.

Why take the risk? Before showing your house, make sure all the walls are painted a neutral color.

Spray WD-40 on any squeaking hinges.

Mistake #5 - Not Making Obvious Repairs If you are having issues with major utilities be sure to have those problems resolved first. In the event that kitchen cupboards or counters are marred or outdated, replacing them is likely to be needed.

Tiles must be scraped of all grime. Often times it could even pay to replace old windows.

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Carlos B
TreeHouseForRent.Com - Exeter, CA

It really is amazing what alittle paint and TLC can do. Alot of sellers though, make the mistake of paying for improvements that don't appreciably increase the chances of getting their home sold.

Jan 25, 2010 04:57 PM