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<STEP 1> Join Ambit Energy

 You can do this by visiting this website  http://www.A2313401.joinambit.com

 As a member of Ambit Energy you will be able to either reduce or eliminate the amount of your Ambit Energy payment every month when you refer others to use our service!

After you refer 15 customers and Ambit will average their 15 monthly payments and apply that credit to your Ambit bill!

 And, will continue to do that every month that you maintain 15 paying customers. If the average of your referred customers' monthly payments equals more than your bill for the month, you pay nothing!

 <STEP 2> Refer 15 Customers

  You can of course refer your friends and family.

 As a real estate agent one of things one of my clients will ask me is to provide them with a list of utility companies. Being that Ambit Energy is my provider and they have been around for a while I am happy to recommend using Ambit Energy.

 I also refer them the http://www.powertochoose.org/ website which lists all the different energy companies in the area and the different rates they offer. This way my clients can make an informed choice.

 At the time of this writing they were offering a competitive rate but were not the cheapest provider. However, if you are able to obtain 15 customers it will be hard for any provider to compete with free electricity.

 <STEP 3> How to sign up for Ambit Energy

 In order to sign up your 15 customers with ambit you will need a web link such as http://www.A2313401.joinambit.com. Once you join ambit you will be given a similar web link.

 In order to join they will either need to so through your web link.This is because Ambit Energy relies on multi level marketing.

 That means they are depending on their customers to help recruit more customers and they do this by giving current customers the incentive of free electricity.

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Hi Bryan,


Ambit is awesome! Just FYI...I noticed that a lot of companies out there (& not naming names) tend to show these really low rates such as 8.7 cents/KWH or even 5.3 cents/KWH ... If a person doesn't know how to analyze their bill or quote properly, they will be mislead.


More often than not, Ambit is less expensive or very close in comparison.


1) People may see a rate such as 8.7 cents for example, yet it may not be "bundled". Bundled means the majority of pass through fees from the provider are included in the price.

2) Or this exampleof 8.7 cents is based on total usage of 2000 KWH per month and not 1000.

3) Or they are showing some crazy rate of 5.3 cents/KWH  for example & the hidden part is a per KWH charge for the electrical that says something to the effect of another per KWH charge for Centerpoint (for example) ... & then at the end of the day, they will have been paying an overall bundled rate for 10.2 cents/KWH ... the same as a competitor.


Point being, do not assume anything is any less expensive than Ambit w/out first analyzing the bill. Many of these initial prices you see in large type is often not "fact" & no one digs deeper to look at all the "ifs, ands, & buts" in the contracts/disclaimers.

If you want to help people analyze their bill. Scrutinize their bill and look for somewhere on the bill where it will say something to the effect of: "The average price you paid for electric service this month is $0.102" (or something like that). It might be obscure or in tiny print...but that is where you will get a true comparison. It is rare that someone will be in the 5 cent range. Total Gimic. 

Note: The prices on Ambit are bundled & include the pass through fees. the only price outside of that would be a $9.99 charge for using less than 1000 KWH for the month. Most companies do have a fee for using less than 1000 KWH/month.

Hope Ambit is still working for you, and that you are enjoying your free energy. Are you also a consultant? or just a customer.



Apr 02, 2013 05:33 AM