It's Raining Again...

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I was talking with my wife about someone we know who is a very... "difficult" person.  We've come to the realization that, for better or worse, this person will not change- as most people don't.  The analogy I came up with to help us deal with the situation was likening it to the weather:

If it's raining, you can get mad at the rainclouds, but that won't change anything.  No matter how mad you get, your anger will not stop the rain one second sooner.  Since you can't control the weather, it is absolutely futile for you to be angry at the rain.  What you can control, however, is your response to the rain.  You can choose not to go outside.  You can choose to carry an umbrella to keep from getting wet.  You can adjust your schedule.  If you want, you can even choose to get soaked.  The bottom line is that you have a choice whether to be wet or dry, angry or calm.

Unless we're the Secretary of the Treasury or the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, we're in the same position when it comes to the economy.  When the economy is bad, as it is now, we have no more power to fix the global macroeconomic landscape any more than we have the power to stop the rain.  We can only control our approach to it.  We can spend less, save more, switch careers, work second jobs, re-educate or train ourselves, or more aggressively pursue new business.

Obbee's response is the last option- By offering the freshest, highest-quality sales leads, we're committed to helping realtors, mortgage brokers, insurance salesmen and other professionals find new, qualified clients... even as the economy crashes and stumbles along around us.  We realize our clients are trying to "make rain", but in the context of the above analogy, you can think of Obbee as handing out umbrellas, too.

- Dave :)