How much does it cost to make someone feel special?

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My husband and I cruised through Alaska as part of our honeymoon. On this trip a fellow traveler told me that Alaska is the “cruise you take before you die” (the comment was more to do with the average age of the cruisers, not the danger level involved in trying to run on a treadmill while the ship dodged icebergs!)

We LOVED Alaska and this cruise despite the fact that we may have been the youngest people ever to set foot on the shuffleboard deck.

One of the reasons we loved it so much was because of our housekeeper Merawai. There’s a reason I still remember her name 4 years on (and it’s not just because she liked to enter our room without knocking.)

Every morning when she serviced our teeny tiny cabin she’d leave us a towel folded into a create of some sort. She’d use my glasses as props, or hang them from the ceiling.

It was systemized brilliance and gave us a giggle each and every day. It cost the company a little in time and nothing in materials and 4 years old I’m still telling people about the experience.

What could you start doing today to make someone still feel the need to rave about you 4 years on?

Kirsty Dunphey is the youngest ever Australian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year, author of two books (Advance to Go, Collect $1 Million and Retired at 27, If I can do it anyone can and a passionate entrepreneur who started at age 15 and opened her own real estate agency at 21. Kirsty’s current projects include which helps real estate agents write amazing ads, Elephant Property a boutique real estate agency purely for investment property owners, Baby Teresa a baby clothing line that donates a baby outfit to a baby in need for each one sold. Find out more about Kirsty at her website where you can also sign up for her newsletter.

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Pat Champion
John Roberts Realty - Eustis, FL
Call the "CHAMPION" for all your real estate needs

It is funny how the least expensive thing can bring such joy to someones live we need to remember this daily you never know who's life you will touch.

Jan 26, 2010 06:43 AM
David Tapper
Coldwell Banker - Burlingame, CA

That's a nice story, Kirsty. It's been 4 years since you took that cruise and you still remember her. Guess what, you will never forget her.

We never know how the little things in life can make a difference in someones life, that's why I believe in Karma so much. Thanks for sharing.


Tap blog

Jan 26, 2010 06:57 AM
Jessica Steele
Welcome Home Realty - Surprise, AZ

Thoughts to ponder. Sometimes it truly is the little things we do each day that make a HUGE difference in the lives of other. Thanks for sharing.

Jan 27, 2010 01:16 PM