Ann Arbor Real Estate Market - Back to Basics

Real Estate Sales Representative with The Charles Reinhart Company

Ann Arbor Real Estate Market - Getting Back to Basics seems to be what is making the difference.

Do you stick to a routine and just do what is comfortable?  Well, probably if it works, right?  Well, the past few years have been such an unprecedented, unpredictable time that there hasn't been that one thing that seemed to get the job done.  Having to mix it up a bit and try new things has been key for me.  I had to get back to the basics. 

When the Ann Arbor Real Estate Market was on fire so was my phone.  I had the calls coming in non-stop.  Then when things started to turn, I had to pick the phone up and make the calls.  But it turned out that is just what my sphere of influence needed.  I found that past clients, customers, neighbors and even Facebook Friends have questions and concerns about the real estate market and getting a phone call from me was welcomed.  By reading the paper or watching the news or scrolling the internet you see doom and gloom.  But, some folks are in a prime position to sell a current home and buy a new one, or to buy an investment property.  And I had the information they needed to consider options.

Another great thing I started was my blogging.  Five years ago, I never would have dreamed I would be a blogger, but, here I am.  And, not only do I love it so do the readers, most of the time!  

The real estate market is ever-changing and blogging is a great way to update your clients and customers.  Everyone has access to the blog at any time!

Open Houses are also becoming popular once again.  For Open Houses to work there has to buyers looking and for awhile there it was questionable.  Now, I have visitors at every Open House. 

So, getting back to the basics has been a welcomed change and I know I am now able to keep my clients and customers up-to-date better than ever.


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