TEXANS - Have You Cast Your Vote Lately?

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It's more than important...it's critical that Texans let our voices be heard at the primary polls this March 2, 2010.

The Texas Legislature faces a budget deficit and will consider various ways to generate the needed revenue.  They may include real estate transfer taxes and sales tax on property.  Maybe even taxes on real estate agent commissions.  Vote for state officials who will find ways to "pay the bills" that don't further burden property owners.

You have to be registered by February 1st if you plan to vote on March 2, 2010. 

Register to vote today, and tell your friends and neighbors to make sure they're registered too.

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Melissa Anderson
Be My Neighbor Mortgage - San Antonio, TX
Your Texas Lender

Folks- Make sure you are ready to vote.  OUR STATE NEEDS YOU.

Jan 26, 2010 12:11 PM
Barbara Birinyi
Quitman, TX
TX Real Estate Broker - Horse Property Specialist

Melissa,  The statistics for the last November's voter turn-out were terrible.  But thankfully, all the pro-real estate related issues passed.  Maybe because WE in the profession voted?  I try to ask everyone I see/talk to the week before an election...just a quick, "remember to vote."  Going to get a big button to wear this year!

Love the horse picture.  Happy 2010 to you and yours.

Jan 28, 2010 02:34 AM