Selling Your Home On Long Island and Market Value - by Jackie Connelly-Fornuff

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Selling Your Home On Long Island and Market Value

Market value is market value plain and simple. I've had listing appointments knowing a home cannot be put on the market due to the mortgages being higher than market value. Do I cancel that appointment? No. I made a commitment to meet with you and I stand by that commitment. I do know going in that I may disappoint you. I also know you may want to list way above market value but I just will not do that. Why? Because even though you know what market value is and want to try listing your home anyway, somewhere down the road you will not be happy with me. You will tell me, "why did you let us put our home on the market knowing it's not going to sell?"

And that is exactly my point. I would rather turn you down now, then let you down a few months from now. It's about saving our relationship before it gets started. I'm a Realtor®. I'm a professional. It's my job to deliver the not-so-good news to you. I have to be truthful to you.

I could list your home above market value because it would give me more name exposure and probably more listing appointments with your neighbors that could list their homes at market value. But, I will not do that at your expense.

For those of you who are reading this, if I have to forego listing your home, it's because I want to preserve the relationship with you. As long as I can educate you, the listing appointment was never a waste of time for me or for you.

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