Ah, Coffee

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Gosh, I love coffee.  Can you imagine a sales office without it?  At Obbee, the pots get remade all day long.  Admittedly, I am a caffeine addict, but I love the smell of a fresh cup o' joe, and I love the "pick-me-up" feel I get from a warm mug, especially first thing in the morning.

If caffeine was my only source of energy, though, I'd surely crash every day by lunchtime.  What I've found is that each day has its own "pick-me-ups", whether it's a shared joke, a conversation about a sports game or a newly-seen movie- but especially when we get nice feedback for a job well done.  Better than coffee is the "rush" from hearing that we have helped someone to have a good sales month.  That means we've helped that salesperson put food on his or her table, and we've made a positive connection for that person's clients: putting a family in a new home, saving a single parent on their monthly insurance bill or mortgage payment, or lowering a young couple's credit card debt.

Putting together qualified, real-time prospect lists of people with specific needs and matching them up to the professionals who can help them is what we do best at Obbee, and it gives us a perk that java just can't match... but we'll keep the coffee brewing, anyway!

Katrina Cole
The Jonathan Arnold Team of Inlanta Mortgage - East Grand Rapids, MI
Inlanta Mortgage, Business Development Manager

I enjoy seeing your passion for the industry and your office.  You have the insight that many lack; understanding the importance of helping a client to live in their own home while also helping your employees to provide for their families.  In many mortgage offices politics and competition takes over and the people get lost.

As for the prospect lists, they should never end.  Databasing and tracking current, past and potential prospects is key to a strong business model.

Feb 09, 2010 03:44 AM