Are you ready for the flood of First Time Buyers?

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Be careful what you wish for!  I predict that we're going to have an amazing number of first time buyers entering this market in the next 2 weeks!  Are you prepared? 


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First time buyers are the funnest, and the most challenging clients I've ever worked with!!  Never a dull moment.  They are smart, they're internet savvy, they have already looked at a LOT of houses on and other sites and they are READY TO GO!  Are you ready to help them?

They are under a very tight deadline. They must have a contract signed, sealed and delivered no later than April 30th. That seems so far away right now--it's not! After getting the deal done, they can close as late as June 30th. 

In my market, the first timers are all looking in the same price range. I am starting to see multiple offers on homes already!  Are you ready to educate them on how the process works?  Some of my first timers are confused and have actually asked me if we have any "proof" that there is really another offer! 

I explain that we abide by a First Time BuyerCode of Ethics and that NO REALTOR would risk their career by lying about multiple offers!!  This is a cynical bunch of folks we're dealing with!!  I don't think they trust anyone over 35 years of age! It cracks me up.  I guess maybe I was that way once upon a time.  I hope it's not a reflection on our industry. Once they're educated and feel like they know why they ended up where they are, they usually jump right back in the "game" with their highest and best offer.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping them get the house they really want!

Multiple offers and homes sold above the asking price will be here this Spring! Do you agree with that? I predict this will become the norm rather than the exception. Homes priced right will SELL in this market!

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I'm living that very situation as we speak.  I continue to get referrals from the first timers I helped fourth quarter of last year. The homes that we looked at in November and December are now Pending or Sold. Time is of the essence!  They are aware of the deadline and are raring to go!  If you've had a first timer sitting on the fence--it's time for them to "jump"! 


What a great time to be a REALTOR.  This is what we do best.  Match buyers with homes that will enrich their lives and families for many years to come.  I love my job!!

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Frank Kliewer
Woodinville, WA

Hi Ronda, I see a gathering storm of buyers already starting to show-up. I think it will just continue to grow through the 10 weeks ahead. Best to You!

Feb 10, 2010 06:24 AM