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Sonoran Property Inspections wanted to touch base with agents and sellers about how to avoid a huge amount of stress at the critical time right after the home has a signed contract. Everyone allways cringes when the contract is signed and then the 10 day inspection periode begins. Sonoran Property Inspections has seen our Phoenix Home Inspections on a consistent bases have a large number of routine maintenance items as being neglected and in need of attention. We see things like dripping faucets, minor leaks under the sinks, running toilets, clogged air filters ect....

The stress these items cause can be completely eliminated IF the owner practices a little maintenance along the way. The big benefit by doing this stuff as it happens can be a smaller repair bill, less cost associated with the repair ect. Let me point out 1 example, if the sink has a minor leak and it is left alone to continue it will absolutely ruin the cabinet and it will need to be replaced. Now you have to get a plumber involved to remove the counter top and sink, then get a cabinet company involved to replace the cabinet. The whole thing could have been avoided with a minor adjustment to begin with. We continually these things on our Phoenix Home Inspections and they are totally avoidable items. If the seller has to fix it befor closing  or reduce the sales price accordingly, it will always cost more under these conditions.

Our homes need a little attention as time goes on and if you don't procrastinate, they will serve us well in the long run.


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