Facebook and Myspace works for me!

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Online socializing, it's addictive and fun for all of us... Use it to your advantage!

I took a year off and just came back to real estate. I missed it! I love it and I'm never leaving again!

I was a little worried about starting back into it, but I had some prior clients who had been calling me, so I jumped back in. Aside from those leads, I was wondering how to get more clients...

I post on facebook and myspace a few times a day updating my status with what I'm thinking and what I'm doing. The day I posted on facebook that I was back in real estate- i got 4 new clients!

EVERY SINGLE TIME that I post anything about doing anything with real estate- I get a comment or an email with a real estate question, people asking me to help them find/sell/rent a home, and I get referrals!

Think about it. All my friends and family know that I do real estate. It's in their face almost everyday that Maria Sells, sells real estate. (That's also my name on both sites!)

Some of my recent posts:

Maria Sells Closed on a lease in Van Buren today! Anyone else looking for a condo/apt/house to rent? I can help and my services are free! =)

Maria Sells Done showing houses for the day... Time for paperwork and preparing for the week of appts. =) Life... Is oh so good...

Maria Sells FYI- If you're in the process of buying a house- do NOT get new credit cards, or start charging up the current ones, or doing ANYTHING that may lower your credit score... I am so sad for a client of mine that is probably not going to get their Dream Home now because they overdid the Xmas shopping and went over their credit limit (dropped their credit score by 50+ points)... Ouch!

Maria Sells Workin on some real estate!

Maria Sells Had to pull over and scream for joy... (SO on an awesome runner's high!) Got great news for my clients... Got a new buyer, and I've got a fun filled day/night ahead of me... Life is oh so good! Sharing some positive energy with y'all! =)

I also post articles on buying houses, etc that may be useful.

In turn, I also get to see and help promote other friends jobs: carpenters, djs, etc., when I get a chance so they, reciprocate and post something about me in their status updates.

Aside from real estate posts, I post personal things so that it's not just all work. But everyone that I may not know in person gets to know me and gets to like me. I post about events I go to, cooking, things I do with my son, friends, and family...

 I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for facebook and myspace. I hope everyone tries it out!

Best of all? It's FREE ADVERTISING!

(I have to add that most of myt= activity is mostly on facebook... Myspace is, right now, a disappearing website... But I added it because I have had about 1 lead a week from it.)

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Bob Edwards
Coldwell Banker- The Real Estate Group, Inc. - Appleton, WI
Fox Cities Real Estate Hotline, SFR- Appleton, WI

That's great Maria, sounds like it works well for you. I'm not up to speed on it but many of my associates use Facebook regularly.

Jan 28, 2010 05:10 AM