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I'm sure most would agree that the past couple of years have been tough financially.  That's especially true for those of us in the mortgage, real estate, banking or financial industry.   I know I've certainly felt the pinch as have most of my associates.  Throughout it all, there has been no shortage of "finger pointers"; those who are quick to blame individuals and institutions for our economic plight.  They are quick to explain how, when and why it all collapsed.  Typically, however, when asked what solutions they might recommend, sadly, they have none.

It's easy to see causes after the fact, just like the old saying "Hindsight is 20/20".  It's much tougher to look forward and develop solutions.  I don't know if all, or any, of the actions taken by the government, lenders or other financial institutions are going to achieve the desired results.  I certainly hope so but regardless of whether or not they succeed, I still have to earn a living.  I still want to find solutions to help my clients.  Much like the Prez said in last evenings State of the Union, we need to focus on the needs of our constituents rather than our own.  My constituents are homeowners and those who want to become homeowners.  In other words; my clients.  American homeowners are hurting and often they look to us for help.  Whether or not it's easy, difficult or becomes even more difficult, like Obama said, I'm not going to quit.  I will speak up for our industry and our clients when appropriate and I'm going to do all I can to provide them with the help they need.  And, rather than looking back and lamenting "the good old days" and wasting time and energy on circumstances over which I have little or no control, I choose to look forward and to concentrate on those things I can control, especially maintaining a positive, optimistic attitude and encouraging others to do the same.