What is a Short Sale?

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Here is a quick overview of what a "short sale" is. Although the time frame for closing a short sale in Washington state is a lot less than it is here in New Jersey. It can sometimes take 2 to 3 months to get the bank to respond!

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What is a Short Sale?  A short sale means that the seller’s lender is accepting a discounted amount to release the  excising mortgage.  When dealing with a short sale, you are dealing with the Seller and the Lender. Both parties have to accept the offer.

Short sales don’t always mean that the seller has defaulted on the loan.  As property values have declined, some houses are agreed to be sold as short sales because the value has dropped.  The owners are over-encumbered, and owe more than the home is worth.  So a bank’s “discounted” price, may bring the home’s value in line with what the current market value is- and not less. That ‘s why sometimes we see short sales and expect them to be a lot lower than the rest of the homes on the market - but a lot of times they are not. 

If you have found a wonderful short sale property that you simply MUST have,  call your agent and get a list of comparable sales.  Make sure you are aware of  the prices of  PENDING sales as well.  Short sales take an average of 2-3 months to close, and your pending sales market research, will become your comparable sales at time of closing.

Some short sales are priced very low and receive multiple offers.  Price your offer closer to market value.

Make sure the property you want to purchase is represented by an agent that is savvy in short sale process.  Your buyers agent cannot talk to the bank.  The negotiation goes on between the sellers agent and the lender -not your agent and the lender.

Find out if the listing agent has received all of the qualifying paperwork; Sellers’ hardship letter, Tax returns, W-2’s payroll stubs and financial statements.  These questions and preparations will help the process go a lot more quickly, and help you get into the house you want.

by Rachael Maddalena -Tara Camp Real Estate


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