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Interest in FHA Loans Continues to Pick Up on My Website

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My website has been on fire with past and future customers requesting more and more info on FHA loans here in Atlanta.  The tightening of conventional guidelines is pushing more and more customers with strong 600 scores into FHA loans.  The savings in monthly mortgage insurance is often the primary compelling reason to make the switch.

I'm seeing 30-40 unique visitors a day reading about FHA lending requirements on my primary Peachtree City / Atlanta -website.

Although we are capped at $346,250 for loan amounts in the Atlanta metro area, in this economy that provides plenty of buying power for most shoppers to finance their new dream home with a great rate.

Some simple questions on qualifying for an FHA mortgage:

* Two Years of steady employment, ideally atthe same place of employment.

* Previous two years Income should be same or show a increase.

* Credit report should have a minimum credit score of at least a 620. FHA loans used to have easier credit score requirements, but these have tightened in recent years. Ideally you will have no more than two or three thirty day lates in last two years with a minimum credit score of 620 or higher or in some cases no credit score at all. If you have had previous charge-off accounts, these must be paid and show a zero balance.

* Bankruptcy's must be at least two years old, with perfect credit since discharge.

* Foreclosure's must be at least three years old, with perfect credit since.

* New mortgage payment should be approximately 30% of your gross income (pre-tax).

The above give you a simple overview of FHA loan requirements here in Atlanta and across the country. Assuming you meet the above criteria, there is a good chance that you will qualify for your new FHA loan. 


Posted by

Brian Anderson



Peachtree City, GA


John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Hi Brian,

You are right, nowadays buyers want FHA financing, due to easier qualification and less down payment option. Thanks for the post.

Jan 28, 2010 04:33 PM