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Got B? | ~ Butler ~ Baker ~ & Banker ~ | The B’s to Success….

Vera L. Koon

By: Vera L. Koon | Realtor | Curri Properties | 321.302.9588 |

~In the world of Real Estate, as a Realtor, I am always looking for opportunities to build a successful career. It usually starts out with a vision or idea, followed by a plan of actions, and then just plain hard work and commitment to the tasks required to reach the goal.~  In my efforts to stay “fresh”, I was listening to a speaker one morning share some illustrations about types of people in our lives. This is when I had, what Oprah Winfrey calls, an A’HA moment.

Let me introduce you to the “B” Team, as I like to call it. You decide the people that are the “B’s in your life and what type of “B” you are going to seek out to be to others.

Butler: This is the person that opens doors for others. They smile at you, guide you to the door and encourage you to walk through the door. I am thankful for the Butlers in my life. The people who opened doors of opportunities for me, people that took the time to smile and point me in a direction that introduced me to people that became mentors.  As I learn and grow in my experiences, I find being a butler to others is worth every minute the effort it takes to just open a door, after all you can’t walk through a door until it is opened.

Baker: A baker is a special person because they provide the recipes for success. The Baker is skilled to select the ingredients needed and mix them all together. They watch over you and are committed to see you through to reach your goal. They invest their time in you, deliver clear expectations, inspect what they expect, and hold you accountable. Everyone needs a baker, and it is equally important we take the time to be a baker to someone else.

Banker: also referred to as the “Pharaoh”. This is the person everyone likes. They fund your dreams by providing the financial support needed to help you achieve your goals. This is a person that believes in you and is willing to take a risk. It is not always easy to find a banker, nor should it be. There needs to be a diligent effort to invest in ourselves before others can be willing to help. I have been fortunate to have “Bankers” in my life. Many have been Butlers and Bakers first.

Simply stated, we should acknowledge the people in our lives that have helped us achieve our dreams of success, in both business and in our personal lives. We should have an attitude of gratitude and seek out opportunities to be Butlers, Bakers, & Bankers to others. When we choose to give of our time and resources to others with a sincere heart, the benefits you reap will come back ten fold. ~ you just have to recognize those moments and seize the opportunity. Building relationships is so important, as it is one way our character is shared with the world. <---Click to find your Brevard Home Value Now!

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