Realtor or Shrink or Window Washer?

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Today it came to my attention as I was enjoying a lunch with my piers that it is important to understand the motivation of our clients. ie why are you moving? It was discussed that the reason a client canceled showings and advertised open houses was that perhaps they really don't want to sell. It was suggested that a face to face was needed to help the customer understand that their actions were affecting the ability to sell the home. Amazing that as a Realtor we have to help our clients become self aware. Perhaps I need a couch not a computer. Then again perhaps I need a window cleaning tool. I can not use the old saying "I don't do windows" because after my lunch I am helping an elderly client clean her windows to get ready to list. I am not complaining  mind you the diversity is one of the things I like about being a Realtor. Just a thought for my blog today you go the extra mile for your customer whether or not you are caring a couch on your back or a bucket and ladder. Do it.

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Christine Bohn
RE/MAX Professionals - Gainesville, FL
The Bohn Team, Gainesville FL

We should start a club....because I feel the same way.  As realtors you and I both know we provide exceptional service!  We educate ourselves and are true professionals, yet find ourselves being the "Jack of All Trades".  Like you said "window washer"....and for me lately it has been handyman, and even a baby sitter during open house!  It is so tough having listings in a buyers market.  But, it is my hope that realtors like us, will weather the storms....and our business grows because we go the extra mile.  I enjoyed your post!

Jul 13, 2007 10:24 AM
Alan Mills - Creating Closer Communication
ACN - Spokane, WA

I know that my wife always interviews her prospective clients well. This gives her the opportunity to find out exactly what they are wanting to achieve and why. As you say, if the client is more self-aware that is better all round. This early interview has saved her time later farther in the transaction - there is no misunderstanding. Sure, people can change their minds but properly prepared people (!) tend not to do that unless something truly unexpected crops up.

Care? Check. Go the extra mile? Check. Sale complete. Check.

Jul 13, 2007 10:27 AM