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Underwater Mortgage? Here's How to Fix It.
Save Your Home with a New Mortgage
You are cordially invited to attend a short presentation by Tessie Cuy, Founder of Emerynet Wealth Group on how to save your home and single family investments by lowering your monthly payment not by loan modification but by refinancing at today's market value.

This system will reduce what you owe now that property values have bottomed out. I have a client who bought his home in 2005 at $425k. His primary bank modified it, but now he owes $460k! Does this make sense to you? When I processed his paper, the current market value is down to $136k, but now his new loan is $122k, and he has 10% equity.

How is this possible? Hint: The stimulus funds are helping. Come see me at the meeting to find out more.

- Tessie

Time: Friday, February 5, 1:00pm
Location: The Lounge at the Hilton Garden Inn in Emeryville (map)

There is no charge for this meeting (purchase your own food and drink), but there will be a limit of 15 attendees. Please call or write to confirm your attendance.




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