Made in Loudoun Award - Realtors Win Big

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The first annual "Made in Loudoun" award was announced for 2009 in December by KME Internet Marketing.

As Loudoun County's most prolific and experienced online business marketing agency, KME created this award to recognize other Loudoun County, VA businesses and/or organizations that are also best representing and promoting the County on the Internet. This initiative directly promotes and assists the County's Economic Development goals, by recognizing those local businesses who are most adeptly and successfully showcasing Loudoun County's benefits to potential online new residents, businesses and investors.

The winners for this inaugural year are 4 local Realtors - demonstrating by far the head start, experience and impact the Real Estate industry and its digerati representatives have on the economic development and recovery of Loudoun County.

KME Internet Marketing continues to push for expanding action on the part of local and regional businesses to promote and support Loudoun County's economic development; recently, KME was successful in persuading the Economic Development Commission of Loudoun County to recognize the need for and create a "Social Media Subcommittee" to assist this critical initiative.

Join the Loudoun Social Media LinkedIn group to help Loudoun County promote its economic interests and vitality on the Internet!

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