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Sonoran Property Inspections wanted to share some information that we continue to see on 75% of our Phoenix Home Inspections that we do. That is an incorrect dishwasher drain loop. This is commonly called the high / low loop as well. Folks this drain must be attached high to the under side of the counter top, then run down to connect into the side of the disposal unit. If this drain is not like this in your home you are at risk for a sewer back up into your dishwashe along with all kinds of contaminents. The real bad part is that you will likely have to purchase a new dishwasher as it will be pretty difficult to clean the bacteria out of your dishwasher.I am seeing the biggest culprit  as the older home that the homeowner has replaced his dishwasher on his own. The professional installers usually ( 95%) install this loop correctly.

By fixing this loop now you can also save yourself some aggrevation on your next home inspection and avoid the stress of having to fix this item in order to sell the home.

I just saved you $400 for a new dishwasher. Stop what you are doing and check yours out, grab a flashlight and check it out.


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