A snowy brunch in Franklin, TN - J. Christopher's

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A snowy brunch in Franklin, TN - J. Christopher's - Want to have brunch in Franklin, TN on a snowy  day?  Brunch in Cool Springs, TN

Try J. Christopher's located at 600 Frazier Drive in Cool Springs, TN

Normally on a Saturday you will find the tables full and the servers busy.  Yesterday was just the opposite.  Little traffic on the roads and no wait for a table.  At J. Christopher's you will find standard breakfast fare as well as the house specialties.  I had the Eggs Benedict with oven roasted potatoes.  Quite delicious.  The coffee was served in a large cup and was hot and fresh.  My wife had the Pantry Feast which included eggs, bacon, oven roasted potatoes and two Blueberry Crunchcakes (One of J. Christopher's most popular dishes.)  And a cup of Hot Chocolate that was wonderful.  Should you venture out at any time and look to have a good breakfast, Brunch or Lunch be sure to try J. Christopher's in Cool Springs, TN. 

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Franklin & Brentwood, TN Homes Mike Nastri
Keller Williams Realty - Franklin, TN
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I have to try this place.  I am not sure why I haven't been there yet.

Jan 31, 2010 09:47 AM