Web Technology Catches Up

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Anyone out there who is afraid of Web 2.0 need not be. The truth is setting up a FACEBOOK or TWITTER page is pretty simple. But that is only the beginning and sadly thats where most real estate marketers stop. There is a whole new way of doing business out there and those basic Web 2.0 tools are just the beginning.

There is a whole other world out there that you should be made aware of.
Getting your real estate company to the top page of Google should be on your "Things to Do List". You do not have to pay to have this done. There are things you can do right now to get your page to the number 1 spot on Google.

1. Get a blog together.

2. Get a video camera and start doing testimonials.

3. Create links on Google

4. Hire a traffic expert

5. Throw articles in PR directories


AND 6 -- (THE MOST IMPORTANT PART) wait for the phone to ring!

Its 2010, its later than you thought. Get out there......

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