Are you representing your buyer clients as you should, or will you end up with a sign like this?

Real Estate Agent with Former Agent

Are you taking the long range effects into consideration when you are assisting your home buyer clients?

There is MUCH more to being a real estate broker than just selling homes.  You are representing people in one of the largest decisions they will ever make in their lifetimes.  

Careful consideration must be given to all factors of your buyers needs when searching for that new home.  Listen to what your buyers desires are and also present to them some reality based on your experience.  You NEVER want to see a sign like this in one of the yards of a home that you sold.

This sign IS in an area that I serve.  This IS NOT a home I sold, but I simply had to take a picture when I saw it.  Sorry it is a little crooked, was driving as I snapped the shot, didn't figure this homeowner really wanted a Realtor in the front of the home.


Unhappy homeowner

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