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I have two daughters.  Over the weekend, my youngest (a 2nd-grade debutante) was invited to two birthday parties.  So, while she attended, my oldest and I spent time together running errands and hanging out at our favorite spots: bookstores.

Our home is chock-full of books.  I have read studies that one of the biggest influences on whether your child will have an excellent reading level is simply having a lot of books and magazines around the house.  Imagine that- just having the books on the shelves can be a bigger influence on your children than if you actually read to them!  It has to do with atmosphere- By displaying the books, you are promoting a literate environment.

I figure adults aren't all that different, so consider the following for yourself.  What I have done is amassed my own sales and business library at my office.  One wall is a shelf full of books I have picked up over the years.  With very few exceptions, though, I haven't paid more than five dollars for a single one of them.  Why?  Because I buy them used, and I buy them from the bargain racks.  For example, on Saturday, I picked up a little gem in the bargain bin called "The 100 Greatest Sales Tips of All Time."  Price: $2.99.

I think because we are in sales and we don't sell ourselves short (let alone our products or services), we equate low price with low quality.  In our minds, a new, $30 book of sales tips seems to be better and more impressive than a $3 bargain book.  Comparing apples to apples, that may be true, but there are a couple things to consider: 1) No matter how inexpensive it is, someone wrote the book, someone successfully pitched it to a publisher, someone edited it, and someone printed it- so it has to have at least some relevance and import; and 2) When I do read the books (I haven't read them all yet!) I do find a lot of useful hints and strategies, but my real goal is atmosphere:

I have a wall full of hardcovers such as "Dare to Succeed" ($1), "Built to Win" ($1), "On Great Service" (used, $4), and "Think Like a Billionaire" (used, $4).  I have my desk facing my shelf, so throughout the day I am subconsciously bombarded by the positive messages of these titles- That's perfect for keeping up my energy and motivation.  And- it may sound silly, but it's true- simply having my own business library makes me feel smarter, and that gives me more confidence to go about my job.

My job, of course, along with everyone at Obbee, is to sell leads to salespeople: insurance agents, realtors, mortgage brokers, modification & debt settlement specialists... By providing the best quality, freshest sales leads in the industry, we give our customers confidence, too.  So while we may not have a title to put on your shelf, we've "written the book" on internet-based, real-time leads,