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I am having so much fun telling contractors about this program. It is amazing to hear some of their stores of how slow they are right now and how fast they can access this program. We need more qualified contractors in the program. If you are a contractor and need work we can show you how to find the right people who can let you start bidding right now. Don't like bidding because you don't get paid to put bids together and get the work.

We actually need good reliable contractors and the problem isn't getting the work, it is that the contractors we get need to be honest and tell us when they are getting too much work and back off the bidding process till they catch up. So many just don't want to turn any work away. It doesn't do anyone any good if you can't perform. Therefore we ask that you take a break once you are booked out and let us know as you get ready for more work. We will help you stay busy but we ask that you cooperate with us in that regard and we'll keep the clients happier. M

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