Realtors need to move too. Advice I received from an Experienced agent years ago.

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Many years ago at a round table discussion one of the more Experienced agents at the time mentioned that all agents should have to pack up and move every 5 years or so.  Just so we as agents remember what a pain moving can truly be.  At the time I was thinking to myself yes but who wants to do that.  I have moved a total of 6 times in 49 years.  That's not too often considering one stay was for 18 years and the other 11 years.  One temporary move while my house was being built. 

Now that I'm moving for my 7th time within 49 years i wonder how many more times will I be moving.  I do understand the point that agent was trying to get across when we were all at that round table meeting.  Packing and moving can and is a huge job.  HUGE, not to mention the stress of finding a new place to live, whether the deal will go through? and all the fun stuff that goes along with moving.. I need to remind myself of the stress that goes along with buying and selling a property. It's very different when it's actually happening to me. At least this move involves just moving down the street, not across the country. Although that can be a lot of fun, making a complete different change of scenery. Have a great week.  Penny

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