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Wondering how I should proceed in real estate in 2010 I decided writing a blog on Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding communities would be fun, helpful and informative.  This being my first attempt at blogging and not being a literary genius, I just hope you bear with me and enjoy the material.


My plans for subject matter are to explore the area and report on its highlights, little known facts, real estate and history of the area.  There is a wealth of subject matter for this approach and I hope you, the readers, enjoy it as much as I do preparing and learning the area.


Today I am sitting at my computer at home looking out at a winter wonderland.  There are approximately three feet of snow on the ground and not a sign of a snowplow, but that's Arrowhead living.  The bummer is my hot tub; it has the same amount of snow on top of it as do the streets and surrounding hillsides.  You see, the tub sits on my lower deck totally exposed to the sky, the elements and the casual passer by.  My wife and I love to be in it in any type of weather and just enjoy the beauty of the surrounding forest and hills.  But today that's not going to happen unless I get my handy snow shovel and go to work.  Oh well, I'll think about that later.


My other problem is our dog Misty.  Misty is a miniature schnauzer who loves the snow until she sinks in up to her stomach.  Then it's not fun!  So relieving herself is a problem in this weather and that means I've got to figure out a solution.  Dog owner's blues!


You might be wondering what is going on in real estate in Lake Arrowhead home sales currently.  Well, we are seeing a slight change.  There are more buyers in the higher price ranges than in the past several months and this is encouraging.  Indications are that people are wanting to set some of their problems aside and come to the mountains and enjoy the beauty, the weather, the lake an our life style.  This is good!  Prices are down as are mortgage rates.  For how long, that's anybody's guess.  So come up and see for your selves.  Until next time, remember "Experience Counts".




Bob Carroll is a broker associate with Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty in Lake Arrowhead California, and has been working in the Lake Arrowhead area since 1998.

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Vic Steele
Vic Steele, Broker CA DRE 01349863 - Anaheim Hills, CA

Your post would be even better-received with a picture of Misty.  We have a Miniature Schnauzer too.  Sasha brings joy to our lives every day.

Feb 12, 2010 06:29 PM