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Barbara Jenness
Barbara B. Jenness, P.A. - St. Augustine, FL - Saint Augustine, FL
St. Augustine FL Real Estate
Thanks for the informative video. Do you use Blogger more than ActiveRain's blog? I just got a gmail account because of my cell phone, the Motorola Cliq. But I have don't use the contacts as I am not comfortable with Google having that data.
Feb 03, 2010 06:50 AM
Brent DeWitt
Century 21 Superstars - Mission Viejo, CA

my blogger, "blog" is the starting point for everything. I try to direct as much traffic to blogger because I own the ad space there and receive ad revenue from "ad sense"(another google product). It's not a ton of money but, $50 a month in ad revenue is better than what activerain shares (zero).

Trusting google with your info is another thing..I would just say that google has "open source code", which means you can see how and what they do with your info from the developer level. This means that a developer can see what's going on and believe me they do a great job at policing google and how they use are info. Besides, one of the biggest reasons to use google products is that you can get it all out of google easier than putting it into google.



Feb 03, 2010 07:02 AM
Mark Deacon
Deacon Home Inspections - Newmarket, ON

Thank you for your post.  That is very helpful, I'll be checking that out tonight.

Feb 03, 2010 11:09 AM