Welcome Heritage Lace Into Your Home

Services for Real Estate Pros with The Historic Interior

We are so pleased to announce the addition of a wonderful company to our Featured Artisan's page. Heritage Lace has been around for awhile providing beautiful lace products for the home for over 50 years.  I love companies that are based in long standing traditions of community and customer service and this is one of them.

Our site has a wide timeline for historic interiors from 1680-1930 and as such has only a handful of artisans and companies that have products that can span all the periods from Early American Colonial to Art Deco.  Heritage Lace does this and beautifully too. These products could certainly be used for a Historic House Museum in any number of sites around the country and because of their affordability they are great for product placement in Museum gift shops. I really liked that so many of their products were under $50.00 and that they are 90% made in the USA is also important to me. 

I have always said that a simple lace panel will give you a beautiful inexpensive look that will dress your window and give you the time to decide how or if you want to do a more formal treatment.

The nice thing about Heritage Lace is that even if you decided that you didn't want to or could afford to add more to the window you wouldn't need to,  it is really that pretty a product.

Please take a moment and visit them on our Featured Artisans page or go directly to their website,

www.heritagelace.com  but make sure you block off some time for your visit, I warn you once you get on it is hard to get off, you just want to see everything!

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