A win by forfeit is still a win.

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This is a great story! Thanks for the post Rich.

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I got one of those calls this morning that we all like to get. "Hi Rich, I found your number on the Internet, do you have a minute?" Yes, and thanks for validating what I do to maintain an Internet presence. After all, it's not just about trying to impress other real estate agents.

During the course of the conversation I was trying to ferret out where she found me, and what prompted her to call. That is just terrific marketing information to have.

As it turns out, she thought my website was all right, but she's seen better. My Active Rain posts provided good information, but she really wanted to look at property. She liked the market reports, even though that's not why she called.

She called me because...(drum roll)...I was the only real estate agent who answered their phone, and she really liked that. OK, my ego was a little deflated about that answer, but chalk another one up in the win column.

I guess I'll never really understand agents who spend all that time, and all that money to get their presence out to the world...and than don't answer their phone. It appears that I'm not the only person who has very little patience. If they don't get the first agent they call, they'll just keep going until someone answers. This morning anyway, that was me.

Rich - 1
Other agents who don't answer their phone - 0

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