Comic Relief For The Realtor Soul

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Does the real estate market and it's challenges weigh heavily on you sometimes? Does your soul want to scream George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can't Say On TV"? Of course it does.

Of course there are those magic moments in our career that make our hearts go pitter-patter and we realize this is why we forge ahead and do what we do for a living. Ah yes, but one never knows when that will be. In the meantime we need to stay mentally healthy so we don't reach through the phone and strangle people some days, right??? They say keep smiling so when you get older all your wrinkles will be in the right place.

So take a few minutes for your mental health and take a look at this video. I promise you it is laugh out loud, slap your knee funny and will make your day better. The link below will take you to the video and comments page (which, by the way, you are welcome to make). Just be sure to scroll up to the video part and know that the show really gets started around the two minute mark.

Here's to your health!

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