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Stop Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Killian Properties (Oklahoma & Texas)

I had a most interesting encounter with another Realtor this week and it really got my blood to boiling.  For background purposes, I have a client who can't make up her mind whether she wants to live in Oklahoma or Texas so she keeps going back and forth.  I'm a broker in both states and I've offered to refer her to someone but she only wants me as her agent because we've known each other a long time and she trusts me to put her best interests first. 

I sold her a home in Oklahoma and then she decided to move to Texas so we put that one on the market (she did allow a referral of the listing since I didn't live in that town) and I was her agent when she bought a home in Texas.  Now we've sold that home for too many reasons to recount here, and she's sort of in limbo as to whether she wants to be in Okla. or Texas. 

Meanwhile, she happens to see a townhouse in OK while moving some things to her storage unit there and she calls the agent on the sign and explains up front that she has an agent but wants more information on this townhouse.  The agent gives her the information and offers to show her the townhouse even though she already has an agent.  My client agrees and really loves the place so during the "showing" she tells the agent she will get with her agent (me) and make an offer.  The seller's agent then tells her there's already an accepted contract on this property and they aren't taking back ups. 

What?  Why wasn't she told this BEFORE she looked?  Why did the seller's agent offer to show it to her if it was already under contract and she wouldn't take a back up offer?

Turns out the reason she did this is because she thought she could take over this client and show her other properties and get her to drop her agent.   Am I assuming this?  No way.   I  called the agent and she admited as much and then proceeded to tell me why I shouldn't be working with this person because "she's a flake and probably couldn't write a $500.00 check even though she's looking at half a million dollar homes".

Excuse me???  This client can pay cash for any home she wants!  If the seller's agent thought my client was a flake then why was she trying to pirate her?  When asked by my client what the deal was, I related the entire conversation and she was furious.  She already had a bad opinion of most Realtors and this just served as confirmation of her beliefs.  She's not upset with me and feels I'm an exception to this, but she thinks our entire industry is made up of a bunch of greedy wolves who only care about our commission.

I'm beginning to wonder if she's right.  What do you think?

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Eric Brickley
Zenith Mortgage Advisors (Milford,MA) - Framingham, MA

Good read Janie, I am on the Mortgage side and I hear the same. I keep reminding myself that In the end I can only be judged by my character and the things that I do. I think we all know someone in the field that doesn't play with the same moral compass as the rest of us. And for the most part they eventually get weeded out of the system. The old saying what goes around comes around. In your case, your good reputation is now solidified with your customer.  

Feb 04, 2010 06:27 AM
Janie Killian-Sullivan
Killian Properties (Oklahoma & Texas) - Waxahachie, TX

Thank you, Eric.  I believe you're right but I've found that some of the worst are agents who have been in the business WAY too long as was the case here.  Ha!

Feb 04, 2010 07:52 AM
Buddy Snipes
Trusted Agent, Inc. - Northlake, GA

Janie, you are NOT the majority. What is in the majority is the number of agents who are not willing to ask for help enforcing our Code of Ethics. We are just too timid about filing a complaint. Then we wonder why other professions seem to "stand up" for each other (think lawyer, doctor....).

Feb 04, 2010 08:09 AM