10 Reasons Why Your Clients Will Love DocuSign

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I really like Docusign, I am all about printing less paper! Let's make a diffrence in our future, everyone need's to go green!

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10 Reasons My Clients LOVE DocuSign

The real estate industry is a little schizophrenic when it comes to technology. It is partially cutting-edge, while stuck using decades-old technology (if you can call it that), in other areas. But real estate clients are decidedly un-stuck, technologically speaking.  They are mobile, they are busy, and they are often borderline overwhelmed with their everyday lives - much less their lives during a real estate transaction, with all the additional demands that house hunting, showing their homes, making offers, inspections, etc. put on their calendar.

So, it comes as no surprise how much my homebuyer and -seller clients *heart* DocuSign. For them, DocuSign is largely about freedom. Freedom of time, location and equipment against a backdrop of increased convenience and security. Here are some of the reasons my clients love DocuSign:

1. Freedom of space - travel. I can be out of town. They can be out of town. No matter - wherever we are that we can get to the web, I can send and they can sign a contract or disclosure. (In fact, sometimes I take quick trips across the country and don't even mention that I'm gone!) I review the blank contract with my clients at our first meeting, so that when they find "their house" or receive an offer, a quick phone call and we're ready to write, DocuSign and submit. Being in the same room unless absolutely necessary seems slightly Neanderthal now.

2. Freedom of space - location. If two co-buyers are in different places, like their offices, it's not necessary to sign separate versions or fax and refax, or wait until they can get to the same location. I can sign from wherever I'm at. ALL ON THE SAME DOCUMENT. Counterparts, be gone!

3. Freedom from equipment. With DocuSign, no printer or fax machine is needed. No matter how brilliant, upscale and well-off a particular client may be, they never seem to have printer ink!  Or easy fax access - back in the olden days, pre-DocuSign, I used to literally have a lending library of fax machines I'd cart over to my clients to use for the duration of their transactions, so they didn't have to keep stopping at the copy shop to pay $1 per page to send and receive faxes.

4. Freedom of time. DocuSign is convenient and fast, and each signer can do it in their own time. No need to leave work, set an appointment, drive across town and sit down in a stale conference room to sign. From a client's perspective, DocuSigning a contract is faster than printing, wet-ink signing and then faxing a document. And DocuSigning is lightning fast compared to  Click - click - click. Done.

5. Secure. No more papers with confidential information sitting on someone's fax machine. Every time this stuff is printed in hard copy, the chances the wrong eyes will fall on it skyrocket. Recently, a client of mine was making an offer on a bank-owned home where the bank refused to take DocuSigned offers. My client became irate - at the bank! She send me her offer via fax-to-email, but accidentally sent it to the wrong fax number. She was upset that her information went to who-knows-who, and thought it shameful that the bank didn't use *my* system, DocuSign.

6. More freedom of space. I can easily generate a stored, digital copy of the documents my clients have signed with no need for paper files. This is especially critical for the clients that make 10 offers before they get one accepted. Hundreds of pages of filing eliminated.

7. Green. DocuSign is paperless. Each of my files runs about 300 pages. Multiply that by the 3 copies of each file I used to make (one for me, one for my client, and one for my office) and you'll see why my nickname used to be "Tree-Killing Tara."  No more. My inspectors and escrow company now generate digital reports, and with DocuSign digital transactional documents, I'm singlehandedly saving literally dozens of trees. Imagine the impact this could have if the entire industry switched over.

8. Legibility. In the years B.D. (Before DocuSign), I'd generate a contract and email to my clients. They would sign and fax back to me. I'd check it over and fax it to the other agent. Who would fax it to her clients. Who would sign and fax back to her. And she'd fax it back to me. Then I'd fax it to escrow. Who would fax it to the mortgage broker. Who would fax it to - do you see where I'm going with this?  By about fax #3 of the same flipping documents, not a single word on the page was legible. Almost inevitably, the banks would ask everyone to resign everything once or twice during the transaction because it was total gibberish. My DocuSigned documents are pristine and totally legible.

9.  Freedom to be co-dependent. Clients can have their other advisors review copies of the documents without making copies or faxing. I just cc: the advisor - CPA, family lawyer or (most often) parent who's fronting the money.

10. It's just tech-y and cool. Please believe, homebuyers and -sellers are out there comparing notes with each other. ESPECIALLY women, who make up my personal niche. My clients love to be able to brag that they are having a largely paperless, fax-less, ink-less and high-tech experience.  It's just plain old cooler than all that printing and faxing.

is a real estate broker, attorney and syndicated real estate columnist. Tara is the Founder + Chief Visionary of , where smart women learn how to use real estate as a tool for lifestyle design. Tara is also the Creator of the Women's Real Estate + Lifestyle Design Advisor designation for real estate professionals (http://www.wrelda.com).

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