Home Theater Installation Westbury, Hempstead, Roslyn Heights, NY

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Home theater installation

Westbury, Hempstead, Roslyn Heights, NY


Home Theater Installation Westbury, Hempstead, Roslyn Heights, New York



They say the best decision you could make is a educated one.  When deciding which company to use for your audio visual home theater installation simply compare this companies pricing with any other quote you may have.  There is a fight for small business owners to survive in this country, with smaller overheads and the pride that comes with working for yourself and your reputation based on your own work there is no better place to give your business.

Company is licensed as an S Corporation 

Company has been open and active for 4 years 

20 Active employees which consist of 2 Designers 4 General Contractors, 2 Electricians, 3 Carpenters, 4 Audio Visual installers and 5 General Cleaners

6 Vehicles 





home theater installation, NY

O.C.S Inc. Has a reputation for getting the job done, it’s a small very reliable company that has made many customers happy with completed jobs not only do they get the job done on time but they are very versatile when it comes to each customers needs.  They professionally do every aspect of the home theater installation in house and because of this,they offer unbeatable prices. 








In house audio visual home theater installation designers visit the customer to get ideas about the designs they want.  A small example of the pride they take in there work is that they take pictures of the area then with the customers input draw the designs.  After the drawing there is a second visit from the designers to your home to insure that you are satisfied with the design.  Upon your approval you will get a estimate from the contractors of time and work to complete your home theater installation, as soon as all the calculations are complete then the work starts. 

Home theater installation westbury, hempstead, roslyn heights, NY




The installers for the home theater installation Audio Visual section are veterans with 8+ years in the business giving them an in depth understanding of all equipment purchased and installed. The General Contractors and Electricians are certified and have worked on many high priced home theater installations in and around New York. The designers are educated and certified with multiple computer designing programs.  The cleaning side of the company comes in after the home theater installation is complete and does a professional cleaning job leaving the room spot less.


Home Theater Installation


I have included a few excerpts from the CEO on what makes their company special

  • My company has competitive rates and has a reputation for beating ALL audio visual competitors prices with ease. 
  • My staff is very knowledgeable and has been working with this equipment and installing audio visual home theater installations for many years, they are professionals and they are very respectable when it comes to customers homes. 
  • My company has a timeline and usually finish before schedule on nearly all jobs.
  • My staff takes pride in their work and are known for making sure everything is neat and organized when your home theater installation is complete.
  • My Company growth has increased every year and has been keeping a steady pace since 2006.
  • My company cares more about what the customers think and is open for customer critique at any moment. 



20% off all home theater installations if you simply mention this blog when you call!  You must mention this blog on your initial call to receive this special.  They do installations in Westbury, Hempstead, Roslyn Heights, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Franklin Square Manhattan, NY





Company: O.C.S Inc.

CEO: Julio .V. Ortiz II

BOD: June 2006

Company Based in NY and NJc

Home theater installation specialist


home theater installation





Home theater installation Equipment

  1. Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Crestron, Amex, Polycom, Infinity, Bose, Nexia, Tandberg, Smart, Cisco, Clock Audio, BiAmp, ClearOne, DaLite, Denon, Draper, Extron Electronics, Hitachi, InFocus, JBL, JVC, Lutron, NEC, Middle Atlantic, Omni Mount, Pioneer, QSC, Shure, Surgex, Toa, Toshiba and more.

The quality of these brands is known worldwide to be the best in home theater installations.  These brands are also very popular products in the Audio Visual industries, each of these products have high rating and are used by almost every audio visual company in the world.




Home theater installation Testimonials

OCS Inc has done an absolutely great job on my home theater installation, me, my wife and kids have enjoyed this since day one, it’s great to have a theater in my basement and hopefully can do more work with OCS in the future. Great Job OCS


Richard Drakos


I have seen many theaters in my life time but it’s great to see it right in my living room, OCS has done a fantastic job on the install and to be honest I will hire them in the future, great job once again.

Yours Truly

Mrs. Janet Lindenas


The writer of this blog receives no compensation for this blog:   Home theater Installation Westbury, hempstead, roslyn heights, new york, NY


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