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Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who works for a manufacturing company.  He was telling me how a lot of the employees are upset because they haven't gotten raises or bonuses in a couple years now.  And, frankly, there wasn't a strong likelihood there would be any raises or bonuses in the near future.

Stories like my friend's always remind me how lucky salespeople are.  Obviously there is an incentive for hourly and salaried people to work hard and well: it helps the business, it helps the customers, it does lead to increased compensation (eventually), it garners recognition, and it's even a matter of pride.  But the monetary rewards tend to be incremental, and they tend to be sporadic.

With sales, the more time you put in- the smarter and harder you work- the more money you make.  Focused, concentrated efforts lead to quantifiable bottom-line results.  Your income is really only limited by your personal resources: how much time you can allocate to work each day and how many leads you can contact.  Of course, there are two additional factors: 1) You can improve your own sales techniques; and 2) You can improve the quality of your prospects.

Obbee isn't a sales-training outfit, so we can't necessarily assist you with your particular skill-set, but we can help you with your prospects.  If you're the best salesperson in the world, you're going to struggle if you're cold-calling from the phone book.  Obbee allows you to use your savvy to reach qualified, motivated, real-time leads.  We use a variety of internet sites, utilizing tested methodology, to gather client lists of folks with specific needs for the real estate, mortgage, insurance and debt/modification industries.  It's better than adding hours to your day... it's adding dollars to your paycheck.

- Dave

Dean Carver
United Brokers Group/Carver Home Team - Ahwatukee, AZ

I think we've entered into a place of a permanent cost of living adjustment. Find joy in all things, right?

Feb 05, 2010 01:37 AM