Activity in Richmond Real Estate – Forecast “More Snow”

Real Estate Agent with Virginia Properties, A Long & Foster Co.

It's snowing! Again!!!

 What a week for real estate. Tell people they are snowed in an unable to see homes and the phone starts ringing. They say, "If you ever want to get busy, plan a vacation"; I suppose the forecast for more snow is similar to this concept. But in all honesty, it is probably just that people are ready to get moving again after an extended period of inactivity. The notion that we "can't get out" fuels the need to do something sooner rather than later. I hope this is the precursor to a vibrant spring market this year!

 On the other hand, with my optimistic view of the housing market, I sometimes feel like I'm singing to the wind; my words float aimlessly away with out ever being heard. People are still skeptical and concerned and hesitant to make decisions about their next move. Understandably so, I know, but with mortgage rates and prices where they are it's difficult not to look on the bright side of things. 

 We are getting mixed signals about the economy, jobs and consumer confidence. Nevertheless, it is apparent that people are ready to start looking at homes again. Activity is present, and, as I've recently said, properties in the upper price brackets are starting to sell again. I don't think any of us can truly predict the future, but one thing is certain, we won't sit on the fence forever.

 Well, it's back to work as I watch the snow start to cover the walks around the office. It's going to be another interesting couple of days in Richmond real estate. I hope you enjoy yours!

 John VanderSyde is an Associate Broker with Virginia Properties, A Long & Foster Company, and is also a Licensed Architect. You can learn more about John and Ann by visiting or by calling (804) 282-7300

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