It's a Buyer's Market for Real Estate in Springfield, MO

Real Estate Agent with Dizmang Associates Real Estate
Here in Springfield, it is a Buyer's Market. There are numerous houses on the market that are for sale. So in my video blog, I have put together a few tips for the typical home buyer out there looking for a house.

Tip #1: Stay organized. Keep a short list of homes and look at no more than 3-4 houses at a time. This is so you can keep all of them straight in your head. Tip #2: Make a list of both pros AND cons of each home you see. Tip #3: View the home that you intend to buy at least twice. Tip #4: Negotiate hard and be patient. Tip #5: However, don't be ridiculous! Don't make obnoxiously low offers on houses that Sellers wouldn't even consider. If you need assistance with purchasing a home for sale, contact me (Paul Dizmang) at (417) 887-0501 or via e-mail. I can answer any questions you may have and offer you so much more in depth information if you'd like.

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