San Diego Divorce Workshop: Workshop: Avoiding Costly Property Settlement Mistakes

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San Diego Divorce Real Estate - Critical Issues Divorcing Property Owners Need to Know.

How to Avoid Costly Property Settlement Mistakes That Are Preventable DURING Divorce, but NOT AFTER.

The family home is usually the most valuable asset in a divorce. Many difficult questions will arise during the divorce process: Who gets to keep the house? Which spouse can afford to keep it? What if the property needs to be sold? How much is it worth? Does the home's condition affect its market value? Does signing off on the title keep you from being responsible for the mortgage?

During divorce is the best time to prevent real estate-triggered: damaged credit, foreclosure or even bankruptcy from joint mortgage debt or undiscovered liens from joint title that cannot be fixed AFTER divorce.

This workshop will address specific, often-overlooked aspects of real property resolution during divorce. We will provide you with a concrete plan of action to help you avoid making costly mistakes that can ruin your financial future.

Spend 90 minutes actually working on your plan of action in this interactive workshop and getting your private questions answered in a small group environment. You will walk away with an action plan to lead you toward a better post-divorce life. Bring a pen and paper.

COST: $35

WHO SHOULD JOIN? Any person at any stage in the divorce process - pre/mid/post.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, February 9, 2009, 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

LOCATION: The Divorce Help Clinic, 11622 El Camino Real, Suite 100, San Diego (Carmel Valley), CA 92130.

CONTACT: Michele Ashbarry or Debi Purcell (760) 440-9812 or Email [masked]

WHY IS CLASS ONLY 90 MINUTES? Anything longer makes people feel overwhelmed with too much information. That leads to feeling of immobility and nobody needs that. If after taking the class you want more information, we're here to meet with you individually to personally tailor your plan of action to suit your situation and needs.

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Property settlement strategizing.
Critical issues for property owners.
Evidence of house value.
Get ready first budget.
Property owner's best interests (keeping the house versus selling).

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