More Important Than Your Goals?

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Huh?  What?  A coach who says there is something more important than your goals?

You bet.  Hundreds of thousands of Agents a year set a goal and throughout the year it doesn't mean a whole lot to them.  But those Agents who work on their habits, their daily and weekly habits, those Agents get results.

In our Free Daily Coaching Webinars we break the week into four type of days, two prospecting days, a marketing day, a service day and a thinking strategy day.  The Agents who make it a habit to spend just an hour on the priority for that day and make that a habit get results. 

Goals are important too.  On the thinking strategy day you look at your progress toward your goal for that week, that month, and the year to date.  On the thinking strategy day you look at what worked and what didn't work.  What to focus more on and less.  It is always an interesting epiphany that of the four types of priority days the thinking strategy day is the most important.  It is the day that ensures that you follow through on all the others.

Most Agents don't make it a habit to slow down; to think and strategize on a scheduled regular basis.  Once you do you recognize that thinking is your greatest strength. 

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