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After reading a blog on great customer service, I was reminded of a recent amazing customer service experience with Real Tour Vision, a virtual tour software company that I rely heavily on to do business. I had a new camera that I needed to set up on my stitching software. It was Friday morning, I went through the initial setup process and it did not work properly with the standard settings and I had a major photo shoot on Monday morning - 3 hours from my home and I needed this new piece of equipment ready to go. I contacted the company, told them my issue and they immediately sent me the step by step processes I needed to follow to set up a custom file on the software. After finishing my part I needed to send the files I created back to them for approval and creating a new file specific to my camera and lens. The process on their end would take 2-3 hours to complete.

I finished my part and sent at 4pm on Friday afternoon to Ben, the person I was communicating with all day. I didn't expect to see anything that day. To my surprise, around 6pm (7pm where he is located)I recieved a call and email from Ben that the file had been created and was ready for me to use. I would be ready to go for my Monday morning shoot. Ben and RTV went the extra mile for me on Friday afternoon, so that I could provide the top notch customer service to my customer first thing Monday morning.

Are the companies and individuals that you rely on to get your job done this responsive. Do you get a call back the same day or within a few hours of your email or voice message? How soon do they complete the job you need?

These are some of the things we make a priority when creating real estate virtual tours:
- All calls will be returned the day we receive the message - if I haven't answered your call and provided immediate response already.
-In most cases we are able to schedule your virtual tour photography shoot within 2-3 business days.
- You will receive your finished product within 48 hours- we don't upload immediately since we pull every photo into photoshop to ensure maximum quality.
- Professional appearance and communications with you and your home owner-many times we receive the comment - "oh thank goodness it is you" - when we arrive at a photo shoot due to our professional appearance and actions.

What level of customer service do you receive? What level do you give your customers?

Pro 360 Virtual Tours and Photography is a virtual tour provider for Dallas Fort Worth real estate and commercial businesses.

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