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Mercer County Mortgages Lenders Loans and Condos

If you are planning to buy your dream home or refinance in Mercer County, then please allow a Mercer County Lender such as Dream Home Financing the opportunity to help you to get the best combination of low mortgage rates and fees in Mercer County.

We have access to some unique programs to satisfy everyone. Self employed borrowers in Mercer County can benefit from stated income loans Borrowers with low credit scores can get an FHA mortgage loan in Mercer County with scores as low as 500!

Your first step is to contact us either by phone or by completing a FREE QUOTE form so we can fully assess your needs and call you with some options. If you are planning to shop for a home, we can then provide you with a pre-qualification letter which is absolutely necessary before heading out to view homes with a local realtor.

Your next step is to begin collecting all of the necessary documents that you will need to apply for your Mercer County mortgage. A list of those mortgage documents can be found HERE.

If you are not working with a realtor and you are looking for a Mercer County Condo, then you can find a local realtor here.

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Recent Mercer County Mortgage News And How It Will Effect You...

You may or may not have heard about the recent changes in how your Mercer County mortgage lender must document all of the costs associated with your loan. This is good news for you, anyone who is looking for a mortgage in Mercer County and also good news for Dream Home Financing. In the past, there were lenders who did not disclose all of their fees and some customers gave them their business because they THOUGHT they were getting a good deal. That is over now. You will be able to truly compare costs from one lender the the next. In addition, if a lender's fees come in higher at the closing table, that lender will have to absorb the difference. 

So, shop for a loan with confidence today. Do not be afraid of hidden fees because they are none. Verbally, a loan officer may not disclose all of those fees, but in writing they will. Read everything....twice.

To receive a FREE rate quote and find out how much you can expect to pay in fees, complete the short FREE QUOTE FORM and we will respond to you ASAP


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