Looking for a Good AMC !!

Real Estate Appraiser with Hughes Appraisal Group Inc. HUD/FHA Approved) Cert Res RD6116

Can someone suggest a few Good AMC companies that actually appreciate the time, effort and integrity that goes into an Appraisal ? And just as important ones that will actually pay for the service. They all advertise that they pay quickly, but they don't really say who they pay quickly. Are they paying the Appraiser quickly or their staff quickly. I have only worked with a couple of AMC companies over the years since most of my work was USDA and FHA Appraisals. I'm in Lee County, Florida . One of the now famous Foreclosure Hotspots in the USA. I have been approved by several AMC companies, but don't really know who are actually Good or BAD. Most of the AMC companies appear to be either in the Midwest or Western States although they advertise that they recruite for all 50 states.Looking for a little help and guidance here.Thank you for your time

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Richard Glesser
North Country Appraisal Services - Gaylord, MI

Go to www.AppraiserUSA.com and the Appraiser Forum.  You'll have to log on but it's free.  Also available for free are appraiser ads for you service counties.  In the Appraiser Forum is a sub-forum titled "Good, Bad, & Ungly" which chats about both poor lenders and AMC's.  Great resource and, as you might imagine, this sub-forum is quite lengthy.

Feb 07, 2010 09:08 AM