"Epic Snow Storm" Schools open 2 hours late

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At 5:14 PM this evening I received a DC Government Alert that the DC Public Schools would open 2 hours late.  Who makes these decisions?  It was clear as a bell to anyone with a window, a car or a shovel that DC could not possibly be prepared for anything resembling normal traffic anytime on Monday. At that hour my husband and I were driving at a snails pace in a 4-wheel drive truck with chains. Most two-lane streets were just tracks. Vehicles were playing chess to pass one another.  Most everyone was walking in the streets because sidewalks were not suitably passable;  emergency routes were, at best, dubiously cleared.  Last weekend's miraculous overnight cleanup was aided by only 6" inches of wet snow and above freezing overnight temperatures and was not in the cards for a encore performance.  With the onset of another night of below freezing temperatures the likelihood of setting the city to rights by early morning could only be pipe dream.  Who thought "Lets add some school children and some nice yellow school busses to the ice slicked roads tomorrow" was a good idea?  By 5:53 PM the Federal Government had thrown in the towel and closed up shop, but DC Schools persisted with the 2 hours late charade until 9:15 PM.  Now our children have the day off but their beleaguered DC employee parents (who have been graced with permission to arrive an hour late) must now scramble for child-care alternatives at 9:30 on a Sunday night.  Hello! Before the first alert an 8 year old told me there would be no school tomorrow, at what age do adults loose their grasp of the obvious? Washington DC Streets Sunday Feb 7th

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