What my mastermind group has done for me

Real Estate Agent with Regency Real Estate Brokers

Over the last 2 years I've been part of a mastermind group that has truly kept me focused, kept me more productive and accountable. It is amazing how when you declare to other people what your intentions are for the next month and the closer the meeting comes I get to hustle to finish what I said I would do and it has increased my prospecting and lead follow up calls to get the listings and sales I declared I would have.

We follow the master mind outline in Jack Canfields book. The Success Principles.

The 8 of us meet once a month same day of week, same time and we also e-mail once a week
an update on our wins and specific goals. We start the meeting with a prayer, than each one of us
has 10 minutes (we use a cooking timer) so each gets the same time. We end it with a positive
quote and off we are to another month of accomplishments.

I can highly recommend to you to join or start your own mastermind group. It has made a huge difference in my production and the systems I've implemented to provide better service for our clients.


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