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Questioning Buying in St Louis?

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st louis real estate Many wonder why buy? I mean is it really worth it?? I can relate. The first time we ventured to purchase we were terrified! What if we bought and couldn’t afford it or something broke….what would we do?? My thoughts were very emotional and not at all in the direction of investment. Today my experiences tell me that the perks of buying far out weigh any hesitation I once had. I developed a top 6 list of why to not just buy in St. Louis, but also RIGHT NOW in this Buyer’s Market! 1. DEALS- there are some amazing deals out there. Most sellers know this is a tough market and are trying to price to sell. Not to mention all the foreclosures and short sales available. 2. Interest Rates are at a all time low! 5% and less sometimes which they are predicting these rates will not stay this low and that these rates won’t be seen again for a very long time. 3. $8000 Tax Credit from the government which will be up May 1st and I don’t think they will extend it again. This is great because whatever you get your property for just take an additional $8000 off as you would not be getting that cash if you did not purchase! 4. It’s an Investment & Builds equity. If you are already paying rent why not put that money into something that is yours and will appreciate over time. If done correctly it is a great way to create money as when you sell your investment will have grown. If you are paying $1000/ month in rent that is $60,000 you have thrown out the window in a 5 year period. 5. Reduces taxable income. Not only do you have your own home but the government allows you to write off the interest which is another great annual savings! 6. Ownership & Independence! It is yours! You can personalize it and create a living space that is completely molded to your ideals. Some may view that as work, but actually it is a very empowering and enjoyable experience. My perks for buying list could actually go on, but space is limited. If you seek experienced professionals that have your best interest in mind- Buyers Agent, Lender, Inspectors, & more you will find that you are well guided in your purchase. The overwhelming thought of buying will diminish as you are guided through the process. Often a good Buyer’s Agent will have many contacts for the key players needed in a purchase, so the key is to connect with a good buyers agent. Our service is free to the buyer and we really minimize the work needed to attain a property! Happy Buying to all! Republished from StLBuyerGuide.com St Louis real estate is our specialty! If you’re looking for real estate anywhere in the St Louis, MO area, including St Louis City, St Louis County, St Charles, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, or one of the other areas we serve, simply click the “Search St Louis Real Estate” link at the top or bottom of this page to begin your home search

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