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Have you considered investing in a rental property, or two, or three?  Adding them to your investment portfolio?  How about properties so cheap that you could likely buy them using your credit card?  Of course, a credit card is not a recommended purchase method, but it gives you an idea of just how cheap some deals are.  I dove into the MLS this morning, searching for cheap properties in Colorado, specifically in Denver and the Greater Denver area.  Below is a summary of my findings:

-260 Single Family homes priced at 50K or less.

-28 Single Family homes priced at 25K or less.

-18 Condominiums priced at 25K or less.

You can expect every one of these properties need work, but there is a great deal of equity to be had in many cases.  Are you interested?  Contact me for additional information.

 Stefan Geyer, Colorado Realtor

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