Ed Nikles Custom Builder , Inc. wins 2010 Pocono Choice Award !

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Ed Nikles Custom Builder Inc. Wins Pocono's Choice Award !


Ed Nikles, Sr.

Ed Nikles, Sr.

MILFORD - In 2008, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. was recognized by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for its custom home building expertise. Now, in 2010, the company's outstanding reputation has caught the eye of local consumers in Monroe, Wayne, and Pike Counties. As 2010 Winner of the Pocono's Choice Award in the Home Builders Category, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. is honored as the best and most well-known custom home-building company in the area.

The Pocono's Choice Competition, conducted by the Polk-Lepson Research Group, is a statistically accurate survey of consumer preference in the Poconos. After surveying hundreds of local consumers in Monroe, Wayne, and Pike Counties, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. was determined the best business in the Home Builders category, breaking the eight-year winning streak of last year's recipient.

With over forty six years of experience in the construction business, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. has built numerous custom homes in and throughout Pike County. Located in Milford, Pennsylvania, they have received many awards for their state of the art approach to custom building, including their line of "Green Country Homes". Their Green homes are ecologically friendly and save their homeowners thousands of dollars (up to 50%) in energy savings every year.

Recently, Nikles completed building a 4,600-square-foot custom home that scored silver under the NAHB program and has a 5-Star Plus Energy Star rating.  In 2008, he became the first custom builder in Pike County to build a Gold Certified Green home, and Ed Nikles Sr. , Ed Nikles Jr. & Jim Weber are all Certified Green Professionals.

In 2009, Nikles introduced another new line of construction called Smart Design, in which a plethora of options are incorporated into the home building and operation process for highly sustainable living. These options include choices in price, size, energy efficiency, green options, universal design, products, and land. The goal of Smart Design is to create homes that enable families to live more comfortably, with lower maintenance and utility bills, while still reducing the impact the home has on the environment. Energy, water consumption, building design and materials, and indoor air quality are all taken into consideration during the design, construction and operation of a smartly designed home.

As a full-service Home Construction and Design Company, Ed Nikles has won various local, state, and national awards including the Pennsylvania Builders Association's "Distinguished Builders" award in 2004, the Pike County Chamber of Commerce "Business of the Year" award in 2006, the National Association of Home Builders "Custom Homebuilder of the Year" award in 2008, and most recently the Pocono's Choice Award as the "Leader in Home Building" in 2010.

For more information, call Ed Nikles Custom Builder Inc. at (570) 296-9200 or

web : http://www.ednikles.com

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James J. Weber
Keller Williams Pocono - Milford, PA

Congratulations Ed. Being honored by your peers is very gratifying, but being awarded by the people you serve, the consumer, is outstanding.

Feb 11, 2010 10:36 AM


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