Selling Your Plainsboro NJ Home - Curb Appeal of the 21st Century and Beyond

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I can hear you now, "Oh, no! Not another article on curb appeal to sell my Plainsboro NJ home!" To which I reply, "Oh, yes." One more time around the block, but this time, we're doing it in style.


The 21st Century Curb

Curb appeal is that thing you do to pretty up the outside of your Plainsboro NJ home. It's the landscaping, the painting and the checking of the little details. However, many home sellers (and real estate agents, for that matter), don't take into account that the curb nowadays isn't just the view from the front of your house. In the 21st century, the "curb" starts right here on the Net.


Your online home listing has only three seconds - three short moments of time - to catch a potential buyer's eye and turn them into an interested party. Unfortunately, it's hard not to be biased or become used to the problems and eyesores your home may have. Because first impressions are so crucial and the housing market is glutted with competition, you have to bring it up a notch to get your home sold. read more

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