The Lending Envrionment & Rainy Days…Seems Appropriate.

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Ok, i didn't get a chance to give a big props to the New Orleans Saints on their Super Bowl victory yesterday. Though Manning and the Colts were the fav. and my family's favorite as well (my moms side resides in the Indianapolis area), i had to pull for the Underdog in this showdown.

Here in normally Sunny North myrtle Beach, SC (if i was typing yesterday that is), it is now a steady downpour. Cloudy, cool, and just yucky out to put it bluntly. Which brings me to the lending environment (how did you like that segue?) All in all, here is the big problem...banks won't lend. Sure they say they will (i have seen a national bank locally that advertises how "badly they want to lend money". Yeah, me i have tried to get you to lend us money). But there are so very BIG fine print catches to most loans that keep them from closing now adays for real estate buyers.

On the bright side, i have had more enthused mortgage people pushing the low down products of FHA, Rural Housing Loans, and other lower upfront programs. First time buyers need to dig and find these programs and use them! With the tax advantage only available for a little while longer, it's time to take advantage...lets find that ray of sunshine on a cloudy rainy day. Your search starts at  ... let the experts guide the way.

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